Exfoliating/Massaging Face Mitt
Exfoliating/Massaging Face Mitt
Exfoliating/Massaging Face Mitt
Exfoliating/Massaging Face Mitt

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Exfoliating/Massaging Face Mitt

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Dual Sided Facial Exfoliator and Massager 
  • Made of silicone with gentle brushes and nubs 
  • Gentle exfoliating side can be used daily with any product! 
  • Massaging side offers wonderful pressure points and helps blood circulation 
  • Massaging side can be used for applying facial cream or by itself
  • Easily slips on 2-3 fingers. No sliding around or dropping from being slippery
  • 3 drainage holes allow for quick drying to prevent bacteria/mold growth
  • Hook hole for hanging in your shower to dry
  • Simply rinse and hang to dry. Can be washed with cleansing soap if desired. 

This Mitt Can be found on Amazon here If you wish to check reviews or price compare. Mitt will come in original package. (This will open in a new window)

This listing is for ONE (1) Mitt 

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