Hydro-Beauty Facial Hydration Spray

Hydro-Beauty Facial Hydration Spray

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Let your face be FREE & hydrated! 

*SEA BUCK-THORN - Said to promote elasticity, protect from drying and aging, reduce infammation, aid in acne prevention
*GINSENG - Said to prevent aging, improve elasticity, lengthen skin cell lifespan, is an antioxidant, reduce over-acting oil glands, improves blood circulation, lighten dark circles

*No claims are being made. We are only relaying documented benefits of ingredients. 

FREE from Emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, colorants, & guilt! 

4 oz - Ingredients:
Purified water, witch hazel, plant-based glycerin, sea buck-thorn extract, Ginseng extract, panthenol (Pro-V5), sodium lactate

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